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  • Doctorate: U.S. International University, San Diego, Calif.
    D.B.A. (Doctor of Business Adminstration), 1983
  • M.B.A.: National University, 1981
  • Bachelor of Science: Seoul National University
    Physics, 1957


  • Vice-President: Abraham Lincoln University 2000 to Current
  • Associate Regional Dean:  National University, Aug., 1998 to
  • Mission Presdient: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
    1995 to 1998
  • Professor of Management:  National University, 1983 to 1995
  • Adjunct Professor:
    -University of Phoenix, 1983 to 1995
    University of La Verne, 1987 to 1995
    -U.S. International University, 1983 to 1993
  • Project Manager:  Hughes Space Company, 1975- 1993
    Responsible for development and production of Communication Satelites.
    Hughes Aircraft Company, Electro-dyanamic Division, and Industrial Products Division
    Responsible for development laser weapons, Liquid Crystal Projection Systems.
  • Senior Engineer:   Stromberg Datagraphix, Inc., Div. of General Dynamics Corp.
    Microfilm Data Storage and Retrieval System Development.
    Honeywell Data Products,  Dymat Photomatrix, Hughes   Dynamics.

  • Public Affairs:
    -FM Radio Seoul Columnist, 1995- current
    - Daily columns, Los Angeles, Calif.
    - KTE TV Weekly communicator, Los Angeles, Calif.
  • Publication:  Five Minute Management, Vol. 1 & 2
    Editorial Staff, Kor-Am Weekly.

Patents:  Two U.S. Patents
       1. Microfiche Hard Copying Method
       2. Liquid Crystal Projection system.

-Recognition:  Recipient of The Faculty of the Year ward from National University
  Recipient of Great Service Award from Medium and Small Business owners -Association, Los Angeles.
  The Educator of the Year from Korean American Friendship Foundation, Orange   County, California 
  Organizations and Corporations where I lectured or conducted seminars:

In Korea.




 In The U.S.

Permalife (Now Partners)      Hollytron 
Paradise Textile
Hanmi Bank 
Orange County Junior Chamber    of Commerce

Korea Motors
Koreana Cosmetics
California Center Bank 
A-Ju  Tour Company
Nara Bank

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